North Plainfield Police Press Release - Burglary

North Plainfield Police Department

Press Release

Chief William Parenti

October 21 , 2013

North Plainfield Police Chief William Parenti announced the formation of a law enforcement burglary task force, in response to the recent spike in residential burglaries.  During the third week of September, the Police Department investigated two burglaries in the west end of town.  At that time it was unclear if the incidents were related or just in close geographic proximity.  On September 30, the Police Department investigated two more burglaries; although it was unclear at that time if they were related to the previous two burglaries, investigating officers and detectives were aware of two subjects of interest associated with one of the incidents.  All incidents received an in depth forensic examination by the investigating detective.   

Three more borough burglaries were reported in the first week of October; two on October 3, on the west end of the borough, and one on October 4, on the east end of the borough.  At that time, due to the method of entry and proceeds taken, detectives began to discern and focus in on a pattern of single family residential home burglaries; entered Monday through Friday during normal business hours, with electronics and jewelry being targeted by the actor(s).  The incidents were not confined to any one section of the borough.

In response to these incidents the North Plainfield Police Department initiated a burglary task force consisting of officers from both the North Plainfield Patrol and Investigations Divisions.  Chief Parenti began notifying the Mayor and Business Administrator on a daily basis the status of the investigation and of any new burglaries that occurred.  The Chief also requested assistance and received detectives from the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office “SCPO” Burglary Task Force.  During the two week period, starting October 7, with assistance from the SCPO task force the police department conducted approximately 250 hours of undercover and saturation patrol throughout the borough and interviewing pawn shops and other places that the stolen items may be sold or fenced.  Unmarked units worked in tandem with the Patrol Division observing and identifying potential subjects of interest throughout the borough during the time frame associated with the burglaries.  While this operation was being carried out, two other east end burglaries occurred; they were believed to be related to the overall investigation.  Those incidents received a full forensic examination, and detectives continued to exchange information with detectives from other area municipalities. 

A break in the investigation came when the Plainfield Police Division Criminal Investigation Bureau supplied information of a burglary arrest made in that jurisdiction on October 10.  Using that information, task force investigators were able to positively link the two defendants in the Plainfield Police investigation to two of the burglaries that were being investigated in North Plainfield.  Those defendants are expected to be served with charges for two of the North Plainfield burglaries imminently.  There has not been a reported burglary incident believed to be related since October 8.

Chief Parenti indicated the investigation is still active and ongoing at this time and urged anyone with any information regarding the burglaries to contact the North Plainfield Police Department at (908)769-2937.  Chief Parenti said the investigation was a team effort by the entire Police Department and wanted to acknowledge the assistance of the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office Burglary Task Force and Plainfield Police Division Criminal Investigation Bureau.    


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