NPFD Fire Prevention Bureau


  • Cutting and/or Welding Permit Application
  • Permit Application For Use of a Place of Public Assembly Part A ...Part B
  • Torch, Flame or Open Flame Producing Device Permit Application

    Our division of Fire Prevention falls within the auspices of the fire department and is currently headed by Deputy Chief Frank D’Amore, Jr. He is the Fire Official for North Plainfield, which makes him responsible for all fire inspection related issues in town. He is appointed by and reports directly to the Fire Chief.

    All fire prevention related matters are enforced or implemented through the NJ Uniform Fire Code. Annually the department inspects a total of 657 occupancies.  These are divided into three categories.  Life Hazard Use (LHU), Multi Family Inspections, and Company Inspections.  LHU properties are designated and categorized by the state and pay a yearly registration fee as set by the State of NJ.  A portion of these fees are returned to the local enforcing agency, in our case the Fire Department, and are used to help offset the operating of the inspection program.  Examples of LHU’s are schools, places of assembly, and other commercial establishments.  Multi family examples include the many three family buildings, as well as the apartment complexes.  Examples of company inspections include the small stores that are along the central corridor of the Borough.

    The Platoon Commanders and shift fire inspectors perform most of these inspections.  Once inspected, an owner has a given time period to correct the violations found.  If additional time is required, or a problem exists, the inspection is turned over from the Platoon Commander to the Fire Prevention Office.  This allows the Platoon Commander to concentrate more on completing his inspection zone and allows the bureau to fully investigate and resolve the situation.

    In certain instances, a permit may be required by the NJ Uniform Fire Code and can be obtained through our Fire Prevention Division. Some examples are: Use of torch, flame or open flame producing device, Public assembly permits, and Cutting & Welding.
    Some permits will soon be available to be printed from this web site. In the meantime, if you think you need a permit, please contact one of our inspectors or the Fire Official.   
    Knox box ordinance
    There is currently a requirement, through local ordinance, for certain businesses and business owners to have a “Knox box” installed on their building.  A Knox box is a theft resistant, steel constructed box that is permanently recessed into or mounted to a building.  Keys for gaining entry to the common areas of the business are located in this box and ONLY the Fire Department has the primary key used to unlock the box.
    The purpose of this system is for the fire department to gain rapid entry in times of emergencies.
    A detailed explanation of which types of buildings and businesses are affected by this ordinance can be determined through the Fire Prevention bureau. A brief explanation of when this box is required is as follows: if a building is protected by an automatic fire alarm system or when a building is protected, in whole or part, by an automatic fire suppression system or standpipe system, those buildings shall be protected by a rapid access key box.
    If you are not sure whether this pertains to your building, please call or come down to fire headquarters for assistance and/or and application for the box.

    Fire Prevention and Education Programs

    Fire Safety Education Programs:

    In addition to the inspection processes, the Fire Prevention Office works with the public on several other levels.  The department provides fire safety education to all of the schools and any other interested group of residents. A great deal of time and effort goes into designing and delivering these programs. During the year the department provides various different Fire Safety Programs to the public.  Most of these programs are for the public and private schools located in the Borough.  Individual programs are tailored to the audience based on age and grade level.  This style of instruction not only ensures that the messages reach the target audience, but also ensures that programs are not repeated and remain new and fresh each year as the audience age / grade changes.

    Senior Citizen Smoke Detector Battery Replacement Program :

    The department has a program for checking the operation and location of smoke detectors as well as yearly replacement of the batteries for all senior citizens in the Borough.  This program has been very successful for many years.  Each year around Fire Prevention Week the department visits all of the senior citizens on a running list. The names from that list are generated through the senior citizens club and other resources. It is not necessary though that you belong to their club in order to get on the list.  During the visit to an individual’s home, all smoke detector batteries are changed, and older detectors are replaced.  This program is at no cost to the homeowners.  In recent years the batteries have been donated by various local establishments such as Home Depot, K-Mart and Wal-Mart.